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Fire Safety Engineering Consultancy Services

We offer a complete turnkey service package in terms of fire safety drawings,compliance report and when required,specialist fire engineered solutions to satisfy the requirements of Building Regulations. One of our main objectives is to attain the most cost effective design solution with reference to the most favourable requirements of any of the local or international fire codes.

Knapton Fire Safety deals directly with the local fire authority and no input is required from the client other than to provide initial production information. Our operation is ideally suited to architectural or engineering practices that wish to outsource the ‘fire’ aspect of a project. Ideally,we would like to be involved at the design stage of a project in order to achieve the optimum fire safety solution and to avoid the cost of re-design at a later stage.

All our staff are professionally qualified and are highly experienced in fire engineering/technology. We have undertaken specialist training in passive fire protection having attended accreditation courses at Warrington Fire Test Centre in the UK. We are one of only a few firms of Fire Safety Consultants based in Ireland who are qualified to carry out site inspections to test and certify Passive Fire Installations.

Knapton Fire Safety Consultants can provide the following services

  • Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate Applications
  • Fire Safety Engineering Design Solutions for non-conventional code compliant developments.
  • Fire Safety Assessment Surveys of existing buildings and specifications for fire safety upgrading works.
  • Preparation of fire protection drawings for use in conjunction with assessment reports.
  • Preparation of drawings and specifications for fire safety upgrading works to existing buildings.
  • Design of Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation Systems.

Since 1998, Knapton Fire Safety have provided fire safety consultancy services in a wide range of commercial, healthcare, industrial, assembly and residential developments.


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